Things to do at Christmas time…

  • Drink coco
  • Make a ginger bread house

Ginger House

  • Go ice skating
  • Wrap presents
  • Build a snowmanSnowman
  • Open PJ’s on Christmas eve
  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Send Christmas cards

By Lily

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2017/2018 Trending Hairstyles…

French braids – You can add lots of festive twists on it e.g. sparkles and tinsel!


Moon buns – I think these will look super cute on your hair, yes yours!

Moon Bun Hair

Multicoloured hair – This is a very eye catching hairstyle. You will love this look.
Multi Coloured Hair

Fishtail braids –  This a very distinctive look. Not many people will have this look!

Fishtail Braids

By Aliyah

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Christmas Ideas…

1 – We all love decorating the Christmas tree when it comes to Christmas. So why not decorate it with your family!

You can even go over the top and cover it in your favourite candies.

Candy Tree

2 – We all like getting presents that we wished for so why not make things even better and  make your wrapping paper be scented!

Wrapping Paper

By Esther

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Merry Christmas…

Christmas is a special time of year when family’s come together and enjoy the day. Many people celebrate Christmas but some don’t depending on their religion.

Every year we have an amazing Christmas fair. At St Bartholomew’s we have fantastic raffles to win amazing prices.

I hope you enjoy the school days!

By Alisha

Christmas Ornaments

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My Favourite Christmas Songs…

  1. Wham! Last Christmas. 1986.
  2. Mariah Carey. All I want for Christmas is you. 1994
  3. Band Aid. Do they know it is Christmas time? 1984.
  4. Slade. Merry Xmas everyone. 1985.

By Lucas



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Our day with ‘Prison? Me? No Way!’…

First let’s all give a huge thank you to Mrs Dixon for organising this day for us.

We must remember to think twice and if we do end up in prison it was all because of us. We are getting older and starting to make our own decisions.

It was a really amazing day, you learn so much and its important to think about the decisions you make in life.

By AreebaPrison Me No Way Logo.

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The Best Presents For Your Parents…..

Our wishlists are FULL of things we want. Yet, we rarely think about the people actually buying the present for us!

Luckily I have a list of the best presents for your parents below!

1 – Jewellery

Most mothers adore jewellery, yet if your parents have a unique name like mine I have the website for you – jewlr

You can make your own personalised jewellery for loved ones from 14 carat necklaces (with names engraved) to diamond rings. They have it all! Prices vary from £39 to £150 depending on what you buy.


2 – Something different for Dad

We get so caught up in buying the best for Mum, Dad usually only gets a can of shaving cream! I don’t want that this time so I compiled the best gifts for Dad:

  • Football Tickets
  • A Mug
  • A Bath Set
  • A Full English Breakfast


3 – A lie in

If you are really stumped for a present, give your Mum and Dad a lie in! Its simple but luxurious. Maybe do a few chores for them too!

Children Cleaning

4 – A Collage

Nothing is sweeter than a family collage. Get a photo frame and go mad! Stick warming family photos everywhere and fill up the gaps with quotes or words like ‘Family’, ‘Heart’, ‘Together’, ‘Love’ etc. The best thing is those last for years!

Family Picture

5 – A Christmas Concert

During December there are hundreds of Christmas Concerts, why not book one for the family? Most are affordable or even FREE! Book quickly though because they are very popular.

Christmas Concert

That’s all folks!

Stay happy, stay positive, stay festive this Christmas.


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Six Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas…

Christmas is coming, so below is a list of do’s and don’ts:

Santa Claus

1 – DO give your Christmas list to your parents! The later they get it the more chance your present has of being sold out or unavailable. Make sure your list is affordable and fair.

2 – DON’T be lazy during Christmas time. Your parents will be busy and their bound to need your help sooner or later during the busy time.

3 – DO try and be happy during Christmas. Just try and be merry during this time of the year, tis the season to be merry!

4 – DON’T let the cold get you down. Use the cold for fun activities. Try loads of fun things this winter.

5 – DO visit Dubem’s article on Christmas life hacks. She has some great hacks!

6 – DON’T forget to have fun this Christmas. Be merry and happy!

By Adaeze

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Christmas Life Hacks….

Christmas is extremely stressful, from the cold weather to buying presents it’s a pretty tiring time. Luckily I have some awesome life-hacks for you:

1 – Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you are a nutella or hot chocolate lover (I love Nutella!) then don’t waste that little bit that’s left over at the end. So when it is almost empty, add in warm milk, screw on the lid and shake! Then hey presto, Hot Chocolate!

2 – Shopping

It’s Christmas time so the 25th December isn’t far away! Quickly buy your presents before there are none left!

3 – Baking

Maybe you have an unhealthy relationship with baking, but it is the PERFECT last minute idea. You will find some awesome recipes on BBC Good Food

4 – Homemade Wrapping Paper

We all know how quickly Christmas related stuff sells out. We have a better idea…….get some plain A3 or A4 paper (depends on the present size), get creative with colouring pencils and make your own wrapping paper! Once finished, wrap the present and you’re done!

5 – Homemade Ornaments

We all love ornaments but homemade ones really warm the heart. On YouTube you can find hundreds of tutorials (see some here) showing you how to make your own Christmas ornaments.

That’s all folks!

Stay happy, stay positive, stay festive!


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The Science Show!

On Tuesday 28th November, Year 6 and a few children from another school watched a fun Science show. First we watched a science trick! The man had three cups and in one of them he poured in some water. We were told to choose which cup the water was in. When we chose though there was nothing in the cup!

What we didn’t know was that in the cup which water was poured into also contained  sodium polypropylene which absorbs water and this is also found in nappies.

Science Image

Most of the experiments involved liquid nitrogen which can get as cold a -128c. That’a around six times colder than your fridge! One of the experiments involved Neehira and myself as we helped the man put flowers into liquid nitrogen. As soon as we touched the petals, they shattered and fell onto the ground!

Another experiment was when Mobin helped the man put a banana in liquid nitrogen and after that he was able to use the banana as a hammer. Another experiment was when we used methylated spirits and an electric switch to make a tiny canister pop in the air!

Year 6 is very grateful to Mrs Parker for organising the event.

By Adaeze

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