Friendship Buzz

This week on ‘Friendship Buzz’ I introduce the buzz word ‘care’. You can care for someone by looking after them; care is like showing love to someone.

Being an adult or child you would have care in your daily life. I remember I would have to care for my Mum when she was not well, you might have had to care for a friend or family. If you haven’t cared for someone then give it a try.

That’s it for friendship buzz this week, bye buzzers!

By Sarah

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Mental Health

These days all around us people have mental health problems. From kids to adults mental health is to do with mind and conditions like depression. This can lead to anxiety and anger. It is very difficult to tackle this but with help and support it’ll be much easier knowing someone has your back. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

By Delcia.

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Hobbies I Like – Dancing

This week on Dance-Life I would like to start by asking, what is dance?

Dance is all around the world and is a movement expressed by emotion. If you feel down then put some music on and you will soon find yourself dancing. Go on, try it!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed this.

By Delcia.

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On Friday, year 6 dissected a heart. It was a very gruesome project but it was also good because we could see the 4 chambers of the heart, the left ventricle, right ventricle, left atrium and the right atrium.

We also did a diary of Anne Frank, she was a German girl captured by the Nazi’s.

By Ify

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My Weekend Blog

Hi Guys!

Today I went to gym as usual but as I went to gym I thought i’d do a short blog. Today was fun because I did something I had no idea I could do because I did a beam split.

Its hard people! I don’t know how Olympians cope! I had fun though and I got better and that’s all that matters. Thats all for today, bye folks!

By Michelle.

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Hi guys, my name is Michelle, a gymnast. I am going to write a blog about gymnastics so lets get started!

In gymnastics there are many ‘disciplines’: General Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Rythmic Gymnastics, Mens Artistic Gymnastics and Womens Artistic Gymnastics.

There are also lots of aparatus such as: Bars, Beam, Trampoline, P-Bars, Fast Track Floor and Asymmetric Bars. Before we do anything we must stretch so we don’t pull any muscles (by experience that can be very painful!). In my gym class and many others, you must try your best and put gusto effort into anything you do. Today I have gym, every Saturday I have gym and i’m always excited to learn new things. This week I learned and mastered how to do a Turkish Walkover.

At the end of doing this you get up from ‘bridge’. So, can you imagine how hard it is? Well, its OK but its not that challenging for flexible people.

So, as I was saying, before this random thing popped up in my head…..I can be your ultimate guide to gymnastics! If you keep reading my blog, you will start to understand the incredible sport that most people don’t know about. In the playground of this school, I see children doing amazing cartwheels and creative handstands. It all started when I was on St Bart’s Got Talent 2018. It was amazing! Everyone has their own unique talents. It was heated but I didn’t win. Ever since that day children have tried to practice gymnastics and they are drastically getting better at the sport.

That’s it for my blog today. I hope you read the next blog, you are sure to enjoy it!

By Michelle.

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Random Times

Breaking News

There is a ban now on climbing up the slope at A.S.C (After School Club) as well as at lunchtimes. Many children have experienced the consequences of this feeble crime, which is to get shouted at severely!

News at the Now

The year 6 group of mathematicians did a test to see whether they would be one of the top 4 children to participate in a maths quiz outside of school. Not only would they be representing school, but will truly become the schools best maths superstars.

Last But Not Least


By Emma

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Friendship – Buzz

This week on ‘Friendship-Buzz’ I introduce the buzz word ‘kindness’.

Kindness can be shown by your actions, not only the things you say. As young children, kindness is the answer for most of our daily life. Build kindness into your daily life, be kind to yourself and to strangers as well, but be safe!

Kindness is a compliment passed or waiting to happen. Come to think of it, why don’t you do acts of kindness for others. Well that’s it for ‘Friendship-Buzz’ this week, come back for next weeks buzz. Bye Buzzers!

By Sarah.

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