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Test blog – 2nd November 2017 at 14:41

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Our school magazine elves are very busy!

As the Autumn/Winter term is now well under way, our fantastic magazine club are very busy creating the BEST ever issue of the school magazine.



It will be out on Monday 12th December, let us know below what you would like to see in the magazine and we’ll see what we can do!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back t20130919-204540o a new school year! We have lots to look forward to this term such as Health Week, Multicultural Evening, Harvest Festival and let’s not forget we will begin rehearsals in October for our fantastic Christmas shows!!

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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Film Review: Cinderella

The film is abodisneyut a girl who has to clean her family’s home and is treated badly by her step-sisters. One day she wishes to go to a ball at the Palace. She meets her Prince Charming but loses a glass slipper. After a long time Cinderella is found by the Prince and they get married. The step sisters are angry that Cinderella is happy and that she gets to live in a big castle.

Film Score: 4/5 stars

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Game Review: Minecraft 2

There are updates for Minecraft 2. It’s a really fun game. The update will have servers,mods,resource packs/texture packs,new items like guns and maps.

You should play this game, after your homework of course!



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Kiki’s delivery service.

                                                                   KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE

A film made in Japan. Oh! Hi! My name is JACOB! Today I am reviewing a film about a young witch called Kiki and her talking cat called Jiji. As a young witch, she has to go to another city to begin her one year training (she has to train herself). Kiki meets a kind woman who lets her sleep in her shop (in the attic), in exchange for Kiki to help her. Is the woman to be trusted? Thats  all folks!!!!

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Useful websites for learning at home…

….But remember it IS Summer now,  so make sure you get out in the sunshine while you can!

 Phonics and reading websites:

Comment below to let us know which of the websites above you liked best, and why!

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Our new amazing mosaic, by Adaeze

During the Summer term an Artist, Briony Machin came to the school and helped us make a mosaic. You can see the final product on the wall just opposite the school office, near the main entrance.
Lots of children from Reception up to Year 6 helped to make the mosaic and everyone enjoyed it.

I have interviewed some people who have worked with the artist:

Chi Chi- “I think making the mosaic was really fun!”

Ima – “The bit I liked best was doing the flags and sticking the mosaic pieces on.”

David- “I liked when you stuck the tiles on to make the  flags of other countries!”

Adaeze- “I literally loved everything!’

mosaic mosaic2 mosaic3

Did you make part of the mosaic? What do you like best about our fabulous creation? Let us know by commenting below!

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David Walliams!

Did you know David Walliams is launching a new book, called The Worst Children In The World? Well you know if you’re bored of waiting maybe you could read David Walliams’s  other books such as Demon Dentist. It’s great!

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Dragon’s Lair, a poem by Chi Chi


10 things found in a dragons lair…

You can find a skeleton of a bear,

You can find some armour of a knight,

Or see another dragon you might!

A little crystal blue egg in a bed,

Another one that is ruby red,

Little mice scurrying around,

Even a thousand pound!

A little boy about to be eaten,

A man limping like he’d been beaten,

And me I hope I escape!


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