The Biography of my Pet Dog

Name: Hugo

Born: 2015

Place of Birch: Atlanta, GA, USA

Half Brothers Name: Mougli

Type of Dog: Shih tzu

Born in 2015, Hugo is the best pet in my world of pets.

He is a kind dog and he gets along with you once he licks your hand. He always gets a treat when he is good, but when he is bad he doesn’t get a treat. I don’t go to visit him frequently because I live in the UK and he lives in the US with my Uncle and Auntie.

Three years later he is still a good pet, even after my cousin was born in April 2017.

Hugo Methil (my uncles surname) will also be on your side no matter how hard or difficult it was to work for you.

By Sanjith

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XBOX One and PS4

The PS4 is a product by Sony that has a lot of users.

The Xbox One was first released in the colour black and also had a black controller.

The PS4 however was black with a blue-ish tone. The only games consoles that I own is a completely white coloured Xbox OneS (The black coloured one is called an Xbox OneX).

I personally think that the PS4 should get a second version if it just like the Xbox. I would really like you to let me know your opinion too.

By Sanjith

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My First Horror Story

I wrote this horror story when I was about nine years old and even I was scared of it.

I illustrated the drawings and pictures by myself. Here we go!

There were once three kids who wanted to capture criminals, even if they were very dangerous criminals. One night, they wandered off into the woods to look for trespassers or illegal animal hunters. Then they came across a man standing right in front of their very eyes……






By Santijh

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A Prayer to Remember

It was remembrance week last week and I made a poem about the war. I hope you like it.

Ours is not to face the foe,

to bleed in Flanders mud.


We have not felt the blow,

or steel on flesh and blood.


We have not heard the blind mans scream,

who knows he’ll see no more.


We do not know what these things mean,

they are not at our door.


Of us, this simply do they ask,

and surely it’s not great.


Merely to do our daily tasks,

best victory come too late.



By Faith

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Maths Songs

Hi there!

You probably struggle remembering things such as your multiplication tables. I can help with that!

Do you like listening to music? I know I do so why not put the multiplication tables into a song. If you go on YouTube and search for times tables song. The best ones are the 9 times table ones but that’s just my opinion, tell me what your favourites are.

I hope you find your times tables easier once you listen to them.

This is Faith signing off.



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Remembrance Week

Remembrance day marks the day World War One ended at 11:00 on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

On the 11th November we have a one minute silence for the people who fought in the war. The reason poppies are used to remember those who have given their lives in battle is because they are the flowers that grew on the battle field after the war ended.

This is described in the famous World War One poem in Flanders Fields which you can find on the internet.

By Sami

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Leeds United…

Right now I am here to talk to you about Leeds United.

I support this football team and Leeds are honestly the best in the championship because they are top of the league.

The team play a 3-4-3 formation and the players in the squad are listed below:


  • Peacock-Farrell
  • Blackman


  • Ayling
  • O’Shaughnessy
  • Jansson
  • Cooper
  • Douglas
  • Berardi
  • Pearce


  • Forshaw
  • Alioski
  • Klich
  • Saiz
  • Dallas
  • Hernandez
  • Harrison
  • Phillips
  • Baker
  • Shackleton
  • Clarke


  • Roberts
  • Roofe
  • Bamford
  • Brown
  • Edmondson

In my next blog I will talk about Leeds and the past players.

By Max

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Why not to be afraid of Year 6

When you are transitioning into year 6, there is nothing to be afraid of. The first week back you do the old year 6 SAT’s so the teachers can assess you. You will find SAT’s are proven to be easy. There might be three or four questions you won’t get but overall SAT’s are straightforward. Year 6 may seem like year 5 at first but it will test your skills. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s year 6 have additional tuition, basically SAT’s boosters.

Another subject is the planner situation. You must fill them in. If you don’t for three consecutive days then you will be receiving a phone call home. Spelling homework has two sides, you don’t get away with it that easy unless your set 3. Set’s are also another subject. I work hard to get into set 1!

So year 6 isn’t as bad as you thought it would be is it?

As for SAT’s, they are easy if you keep concentrating in class and listening to what your teachers say!

By Alicja

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Hurricane Michael

Record breaking hurricane Michael hit parts of northwest Florida. The furious hurricane hit on Wednesday 10th October.

Winds were blowing at 155mph and caused storm surges of up to 10 feet along the coast. The storm left nearly 500,000 people without electricity in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Hurricane Michael is the third strongest in recorded history to hit the mainland US after an unamed hurricane in 1935 and hurricane Camille in 1969.

370,000 people were warned to evacuate but many ignored the warnings. Hurricane Michael caused massive destruction as it swept through Florida. Lets hope everyone in Florida is ok.

By Chi Chi

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Banana Flapjack Recipe

You will need:

  • Bananas (ripe) x 5
  • Dates x 10
  • Granola

First, mash the banana then mix the granola in a bowl. Now, crush the dates and add them together.

Grab a spatula and lay the mix out on a big baking tray. Make sure to put a baking sheet underneath!

Bake at 180c for 30 minutes.

Cut them up when they are cool and then they are ready to eat!

By Zymel

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