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Hansel and Gretel character profile: Father

Jack’s impression of the father is really good he is isolated because the stepmother got sent to the town jail-because she forgotten to pay for a mint coat in paul boutique london.

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Hansel and Gretel: Character Profile Stepmother and Witch!

Marek and Zak (STEPMOTHER AND WITCH) looked absolutely fabulous in their WIGS and DRESSES  HA HA  HA  HA! In Rehearsals, Sam got 20 housepoints for volunteering  to take over for Alfie to be a robin. He didn’t half dance! Well done Sam!  

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Hansel and Gretel – A Review

Years 4, 5 and 6 performed their pantomime in front of the school on Wednesday. Everyone was laughing at Zak’s impression of the evil stepmother and Marek was also fantastic as the Wicked Witch! Both Leah and Harry have fabulous voices, … Continue reading

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What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

[polldaddy poll=7640432] Take part in our poll and you will get a house point!

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Max and Rihanna’s highlights!

Max – I was a narrator in our Christmas concert. I made sure I used my really big voice so that everyone could hear me. All my friends performed and sang really loud and clear. I also enjoyed all the … Continue reading

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What we enjoy in Nursery & our Concert highlights.

Ibrahim – I enjoy playing Duck, Duck, Goose with my friends. Subhan is my best friend. I was the star in our Christmas concert, my parents came to watch me and they looked so proud when they saw me on … Continue reading

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You should see the Christmas decorations in Class 15! They are totally awesome. The whole school is looking so festive with bunting, twinkling Christmas tree. The tree in the hall is huge! We are looking forward to the Christmas Fair … Continue reading

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Class 8’s Highlight of this term!

Everyone in Class 8 was so happy about winning the Most Improved Attendance trophy. Before School council announced the week’s winner, the whole class closed their eyes and crossed their fingers. I was bursting with happiness and we cheered really … Continue reading

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Jessica and James’ Half Term High-lights

Jessica – I really enjoyed our Christmas concert, the angels looked lovely. I thought the pantomime by Years 4,5,6 was so funny. We have learnt lots of interesting things in our ‘People Who Help Us’  topic. I especially liked playing … Continue reading

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York Castle visit

We have recently visited York Castle Museum, it was extremely awesome! The teachers joked that they would lock us all up in one of the cells while they go and enjoy themselves! After school, some of us went to an … Continue reading

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