100 word challenge!

100 word challenge!

100 word challenge!

What would you do if you got into a mysterious lift and it transported you to a magical world? Where you would go? What would you see?
Tell us in just 100 words!

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37 Responses to 100 word challenge!

  1. Faizah Class 14 says:

    When I opened the lift door it seemed as though it had transported me to a fantastic place – the future! There was a huge building, as large as a whale! Flying cars hovered above me, and some flying bikes! After a while of looking around, I saw a familiar face – me! I was sleeping on the floor outside in rags! I had to set things right, when I eventually found my way home, (back to the present) I worked very hard in school and luckily didn’t end up like what I saw!

  2. Chloe says:

    When the lift opens .I appeared to be in blue dolphin .I saw a dolphin it was making people get wet . I went on a ride it was scary it was called the roly poly it did a roly poly in the sky. Then I heard loads of police and even a helicopter in the sky it was the dolphin ascaping . I was standing in front of the waterfall . Then I stopped and stared and said to my self what should I do so a man said go come quick I said ok then I went back into the lift and said goodbye.

  3. Mayar says:

    In front of me was a lift they didn’t tell me there was a lift in this hotel! At least now I could use the lift to go to my room instead of going up those massive spiral stairs ! I pressed the button to open the lift I strolled into the lift and looked at the huge mirror in front of me I kept on playing with my hair …until I realised that it’s time to go up to my room and get some rest , I pressed button 9 that’s my room . Instead of going up stairs the door on the other side it opened and there was colourful fireworks, balloons and a sighn saying welcome to universal (Florida) I screamed and ran ………

  4. Malak says:

    When I stepped out of the lift I saw a humongous circus there were trapeze artists , a wonderful clown which was hilarious , magician and gymnasts. I bought 5 packets of blue and pink candy floss also I had some Pepsi max in my hand I even saw a elephant he was huge and I saw a marvellous monkey he was so clever and unique tigers and lions were playing in their cages while the owner who was thowing the tigers food around it was roaring I was starting to worry then the owner left it and when so the tiger ascaped and ran straight towards me but luckily the lift door was open so i went home.

  5. Anopa says:

    To my surprise there was a long coridor covered in mirrors in front of me.I took a deep breath and took a step forward and glanced around.Hurring up to a mirror I stared at myself ,the next thing I know was me standing I front of a Jason Derulo.At first I couldn’t believe it but they he conviced me .After a cople of minutes I realised I was in New York .After some months I became rich and lived in a mansion.Because I saw Jason Derulo ,he invited me to his next gig.Then I heard someone speaking ,Suddenely I woke up for a deep sleep.

  6. Scarlet says:

    I stepped out of the lift and to my surprise I found myself in my dream hotel. I was in the most expensive room in the hotel, it had a massive tv and a white leather sofa and in the bedroom it had a king sized bed with a pink and purple silk duvet. Then suddenly I heard a noise coming from the lounge I ran in to find out that my huge tv got stolen. I got on to the police straight away and yelled “SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY TV” then the police came with my tv but we don’t know who stole it in the FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

  7. Faizah A says:

    As the door opened I could see mysterious things,leaves everywhere and flowers to!
    I walked further and I could see more and more mysterious things such as ponds and a store with candy I walked even more further and I caught a glips of something I ran forward and forward I saw a circus and there was a cute dog singing and howling everyone clapped then the narrator said my name I got surprised I came on stage and I had everyone cheering at me I thought they were cheering because it was my birthday it could be could be not …………………..

  8. Lauren m says:

    When I stept out of the lift I saw a big tiger in front of me ! I have never saw anything in my life. It was that big I could cry. You wouldn’t believe your eyes and you would never want to see the enormous tigers . There were 10 of them . They chased me because I stroked him and he doesn’t like been stroked it was all a dream and i never went near it again .

  9. Malak says:

    This is very good I liked that you put everything that happened and very clearly well done

  10. Faizah Class 14 says:

    That’s a great story, Scarlet! You really had me wanting to read more! Fantastic description in only 100 words, wow!

  11. Faith says:

    To my suprise the doors opened at my approach. I stepped in and whoosh it flew up, it seemed to go on forever. Finally it stopped as I stepped out I realised I had gone Back in time!
    I had gon back to Ancient Greece, I was laying on the floor I looked up an saw a pearl White stalion with wings. At first I didn’t realise who it was then it hit me right between the eyes. We had done a whole lesson on ancient Greece it was Pegasus! He was standing right in front of me his kind face staring worriedly at me I was so confused…

  12. Dylan says:

    As the door opened I looked out of the lift and saw a huge marshmallow tree that was a full marshmallow on the tree. They never told me it was a magic lift. I explored the new world and I chomped on the marshmallow tree and then I saw a marshmallow monster it freacked me out and I scremed like mad! He told me what the world was called. It was called marshmallow world. I got to get to go into his marshmallow house. I could heare someone talking up staries it was bobs friends lathing up there…

  13. Chloe says:

    I like it anopa I rely amajined it in my head and it came true πŸ™‚

  14. Faith says:

    The best ever :)))))

  15. Mayar says:

    We’ll done really like it !x

  16. Mayar says:

    Very good but I didn’t get it

  17. Faith says:

    The best ever we’ll done scarlet :))

  18. Chloe says:

    Very good πŸ™‚

  19. Malak says:

    Well done it’s really good I like your caps it just pops out very good description too

  20. Faith says:

    Well done faith


  21. Scarlet says:

    Well done Faith I really like it xx

  22. Chloe says:

    Like it malak πŸ™‚

  23. Lauren m says:

    Chloe that was really good

  24. Faith says:

    Thank you

  25. Malak says:

    Great story mayar loved the concept well done

  26. Anopa says:

    Like it

  27. Paarth says:

    As the lift opened I stepped forward I thought I was in Malta and I was right it was Malta because it said welcome to Malta.As I arrived at Malta the hotel that I went I was called Ramla bay resort and near it There is a Beach and a fantastic water sports where I did fishing and jet skiing and in the hotel there was a large rectangular pool so me and my mum went into the pool to be continued…

  28. Jake says:

    As I walked out of the lift i saw a gint monkey with a million arms. He pulled me up to his mouth then I STOP!!! He said why and i said because I am not a banna but i thought you was a talliking banna. I am not A banana so put me down! ok he said.he put me down and he went to bed and singing happy.

  29. Miss Craft says:

    Wow, some fantastic ideas here! Maybe you could re-read your story and see how you could improve it? Could you have used speech marks to clearly show a character is talking? Or could you perhaps add some more punctuation? A good effort from everyone, well done! πŸ™‚

  30. Zigmars says:

    Slowly, I went in to my room. When I was coming out of it I thought I’m gona have a bath, but no, I saw an enourmus lift. I went inside it and saw a button I presed it and I went! After about twenty minutes I was in PARIS, that was so cool.
    When I did get my money from the colossal bank Iwent shopping.Idid see there art’s, buildings that were very high and even the Eiffel tower! I did even wear one of those hats. One day I found the magic lift again and this time it said to me ”Your mum and dad is waiting, so hurry up,” Iwent through the door and I was happy again , I went to school and every thing was all right!

  31. dylan says:

    it is brillant faith

  32. Jake says:

    Good work

  33. Faizah A says:

    All of are so good at writing a story !

  34. Faizah A says:

    Love it do much Malak !

  35. Faizah A says:

    WOW all these stories are amazing sooo intresting

  36. Faizah A says:

    These storys are toooooooo good!

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