Year 5’s trip to Flamingo Land – reviews

Our blog reps Maddison and Sam have reviewed their recent class trip to Flamingo Land. Why not share your views by posting a comment below?
Maddison: Our school trip to Flamingo Land was a hit! There are millions of rides and they are so cool. All of the rides are big: for example: Cliff Hanger, the swings and even the disk!Most are scary like the Logflume and we even got to see animals such as lions, ostriches and even zebras! The sweet shops were cool and the gift wasn’t too pricey – it was awesome! My favourite ride was Mumbo Jumbo because we had a massive drop and it could also go upside down. It was the best day of my life!
Sam: On Friday 13th June (bad luck day!) Year 5 went to Flamingo Land for the day. It was amazing! I was in Mr. Symons and Mrs Mahmood’s group. We went on Mumbo Jumbo, Vortex, Velocity, Flip Flop and two amazing water rides. My favourite ride was Mumbo Jumbo, just like Maddison!

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6 Responses to Year 5’s trip to Flamingo Land – reviews

  1. Jack H says:

    My school trip was so fun, we went on loads of rides and my favourite was Velocity! You sat on a motorbike and set off at incredible speed. They was a big water ride and you went high up and then dropped. I got absolutely drenched. I found the school trip really fun.

  2. Halima says:

    It was the best day of my life. I went on all the fast rides like hero, cliff hanger, the mumbo jumbo, the swings and the pirate ships. The rides went upside down and really high. Next, we went to see the animals, we saw giraffes, rhinos, parrots, penguins and lots more. The penguins were swimming in the blue pond. Monkeys were sitting around while watching their children fighting!

  3. Zigmars says:

    The trip was awesome! the best thing is that we got to go on the rides, There was Kumali, flip flop, mumbo jumbo and a lot more rides. I remember that Rosie was quite funny on the motorbikes she was screaming, my ears popped!

  4. Umar says:

    On our school trip we went to Flamingo Land, we really enjoyed it. All the rides were fun, we went on the flip flop, the hammer head and loads more. Everyone was everyone it. On the coach, we sat near our friends and talked. My first ride I went on was the big wheel. This was the best trip I ever went on!

  5. Arrisa says:

    My group first went on the swings and it was amazing, it felt like you could see the whole world and then we went on the pirate ship that went front and back and then it went upside down! I was clinging on so tight. It was the best day of my life.

  6. Bryony Jo says:

    My school trip was awesome. The big group went on loads of upside down rides. We went on Kamali, which was our first ride. Our second ride was cliffhanger and our third was Hero. I loved our school trip!

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