Year 6 are pleasure seekers!

*photos coming shortly*

Year 6 children enjoyed an amazing day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  They arrived at Blackpool just before 11 – children enjoyed listening to music and playing games on the bus to pass the time!  

Children enjoyed going on as many rides as they could before lunch:  Pepsi Max, Valhalla, Big Dipper and Infusion.  At lunch, children were treated to eating at Pizza Plaza (all you can eat restaurant!) and Jarmila received a birthday cake at the end!

After lunch, children spent time on the water rides before revisiting all the big rides, such as the Pepsi Max!  Children were then treated to chips, doughnuts and ice cream before leaving the Pleasure Beach at 6pm! 

The journey home was a quiet one, spent sleeping, listening to music and watching a film.  At 7.30pm, the bus arrived back at school and children left excited to tell their family and friends about their amazing day!

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  1. Zak says:

    On Thursday 19th June year 6 went on an extravagant trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The best ride was the Big Dipper by far. We ate at an all you can eat pizza place called Big Pizza. It was delicious! The Big Dipper is 70 ft high and holds a world record: in August 1998 Richard Rodriguez rode it for 2000 hours! The worst ride was the Steeplechase as it jolts you everywhere. It hurts. Finally just before going home we went to the gift shop to buy sweets! The trip was really really fun!

  2. Sophianna says:

    Year 6 all went to Blackpool Pleasure beach in Lancashire.The coach left at 9:00 am.Miss Best and Miss Foster was in the big group and Miss Bucktrout and Miss Khan was in the medium group.The first ride we went on were the impossible two people walked into a mirror!After we went to eat in the all you can eat pizza buffet.Following we went on rug rats(which is a water ride) and you had to sit in a log! We then went on the Valhalla Which is the biggest water ride I have ever seen. On the way home the telly came down and we watched Horried Henry the movie.

  3. Ashleigh says:

    We set off at 9.00am on a amazing coach.We had loads of entertainment including phones TVS and the radio.Our trip to Blackpool was different ,because we went to the pizza place and burger king for our lunch. My favourite ride was the avatar air bender.It was in Nickelodeon land.It was the best day of my life.I wish I could do it again.

  4. Hassan says:

    We left at nine am i was, sitting next to Faraz, we had a long journey when we got to Blackpool it was the best place in the world we had a great time. When we went on the Log Flume, it was the best ride in the world. We went on the car ride, it was a sick ride When we got on the bus to go home it was quiet and peaceful!

  5. Ellie Ann says:

    On the day off our trip to Blackpool we set off at 9 am on a large comfortable bus. We was so happy and excited to go on the rides. I was in mrs best and mrs fosters group witch was the big group. I also went on the biggest ride there the Pepsi max with mrs foster it was so fantastic then we went to an all you can eat restaurant and it was free then we went on more awesome rides like the infustion then headed back to the shop and got a delicouse donnut so then we headed back to the bus after a wonderful day. We met the bus man he was so nice he put the telly on for us and soon we were back at school.

  6. Timur says:

    Thursday 19th june we went to blackpool and had a brilliant time my favourite ride was Big Dipper. Then at the end we went to the gift shop then home and arrived at 7:30pm and that was the day finished.

  7. Zubair says:

    It was a great day. I went to Blackpool pleasure beach. When we arrived we went straight to the big one (Pepsi Max). After the rides we went to a restauraunt to eat pizzas and doughnuts. When we left we were all tired and went to sleep on the bus.

  8. Nazia says:

    On the 19th of June I went to Blackpool pleasure beach. When we got there I went on the ghost train and impossible we went to have lunch in an all you can eat buffet. We went on some more rides for example Valhalla, Tunnel of love and the Rugrats lost river water ride. I took £5.00 spending money and bought things from the gift shop. It was one of the most ecstatic days in my life.

  9. Jakub says:

    On the 19th of June 2014 it was the best day, because we went on school trip to Blackpool. We left at 09:08am and we came back at 07:32pm. The weather was hot. My best ride was wallhala. It was water ride. My second best ride was Big Drop. When we went to Pizzahut it was Jarmiras birthday. She got a cake with candle on it.It was the best day of my life.

  10. Zarah says:

    On 19th June 2014 year 6 visited Blackpool pleasure beach. We had a great time on big rides such as: Pepsi max,infusion and revolution.Revolution was the best, an upside down adventure.At lunch we went to a delicious pizza buffet,we stayed there for a while.Later we went on a few dark,spooky water rides like Valhalla and splash battle we were drenched.On the way home our bus driver (who was kind) put Horrid Henry the movie on and fortunately it finished when we arrived!

  11. Zia says:

    We went to Blackpool pleasure beach. We went on some thrilling rides. As soon as we got there we were excited to go on the rides. The first ride we went on was the Big Dipper. Then the infusion. It was a hyper roller coaster. We went on it 3 times in a row. We went on the Pepsi max and it was quick and it goes up 235 ft. After that, we went to the all you can eat buffet. It was so nice I couldn’t stop eating when i got there. The pasta was even better. At the end we went to the gift shop. All I bought was millions.

  12. Jacob says:

    I will miss you all

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