200 word challenge by Adaeze

I found myself in an amazing island of talking, flying ponies. The ponies were called King Fire star and Queen Moonshine followed by their 5 children Princess Crystal, Prince Jet, Prince Storm, Prince Comet and Princess Stardust. They told me that the 5 Golden horseshoes were missing. They had found 3 and if they don’t find them before the Summer Sun Celebration the island will fade away. Me and Princess Stardust went to look for the 2 other horse shoes. We had to go to Sparkle beach and there on Rainbow cliff was 1 of the horse shoes! Stardust spread her wings and we were off! The breeze took us off course but we finally got back in control. I grabbed the horse shoe and I fell onto the soft sand. Stardust asked if I was okay. I put the horse shoe in my bejeweled bag and got on Stardust and we were off again. We went to Emerald Meadows. There on one of the tall flowers the last golden horseshoe sat. Once again Stardust spread her wings and we flew all the way to the flower. Then I grabbed the last horseshoe and we were off going to the Royal courtyard. When we got there we put the 2 other horseshoes in place and saved the island. Then we had a party and then I had to go home.



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  1. c14pupil says:

    love the pic Adaeze

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