Our Amazing Autumn



The first half term is approaching it’s end. We’ve had a lot of fun! There’s already been lots of things happening in school. What is your favourite thing that has happened this half term?
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3 Responses to Our Amazing Autumn

  1. boti says:

    If you wanted to know , my favorite part of October is looking forward to years , 3 , 4 and 5 christmas play Aladin and doing fun experiments in science club.

  2. Ellie murphy says:

    Hi guys its Ellie just to let you know I have really enjoyed magazine club this half term,it is very fun in mag club. Please come to mag club next time it is on, mostly i enjoyed that my poster is getting put on the wall. YAY! In normal school i enjoyed going to Ripon

  3. Dubem says:

    Year 4 have enjoyed going to Ripon visiting,the court house, the prison and museum.
    Everyone have a happy autumn.

    Time to do art and poems here is one

    Apples falling of trees
    Umbrellas up buzzing bees
    Time to wake up!
    Uh grownups think their sleep is not enough
    Me and you going to play
    No I broke a vase what is mum gonna say.

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