Hi my name is Raisa Ahmed. I am 10 years old and the thing I like the best in my school is the awesome trips.
I am looking forward to going to Flamingo Land which is a treat for year 5 pupils. Every year group in school get a chance to go to a place just like us.
Would you like to visit Flamingo Land why not join us for fun?
Some trips are just to do with topic or theme, for example we have been to the Yorkshire museum but sometimes we just take a break from studying. S.T Barts Head teacher is Mrs. Gavin she is very nice.
My favorite teacher is Mrs. Schlesinger she is so nice and polite to me. All the teachers are helpful and so nice.
For the trips you only need to give 5 pounds and 5 pounds for the gift shop where you can buy something for your family or yourself our your friends.
If you would like to visit the trips all you need to do is to fill in a form. Also you just need to give 5 pounds.
In June or July we go to the trips mine is on the 23rd of June Thursday.
That’s all from me hope you enjoyed my blog why don’t you make your own blog about what you like?

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