Our new amazing mosaic, by Adaeze

During the Summer term an Artist, Briony Machin came to the school and helped us make a mosaic. You can see the final product on the wall just opposite the school office, near the main entrance.
Lots of children from Reception up to Year 6 helped to make the mosaic and everyone enjoyed it.

I have interviewed some people who have worked with the artist:

Chi Chi- “I think making the mosaic was really fun!”

Ima – “The bit I liked best was doing the flags and sticking the mosaic pieces on.”

David- “I liked when you stuck the tiles on to make the  flags of other countries!”

Adaeze- “I literally loved everything!’

mosaic mosaic2 mosaic3

Did you make part of the mosaic? What do you like best about our fabulous creation? Let us know by commenting below!

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