World Book Day!

World book week !!!
A couple of weeks ago in many schools in the UK children and adults were dressing up as their favourite characters from a book or a film that they liked however there were many costumes that were A LOT more popular than others for example sleeping beauty was more popular than Rapunzel and Snow White was more popular the princess and the frog dressed up as princesses while others in older years dress up as footballers , rugby players and more! St Bartholomews had a fantastic book fair with incredibly exciting books like the Wizard of Oz, Goosebumbs and lots more! Unfortunately quite a lot of people just came in their own clothes. All of the classes got in a photo together ( only those who came in an costume) and it is now on there school website be sure to check it out! Anyway hear is an idea of a costume and to give you an idea of what people would have worn!

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