Fire Safety, The Christmas Play, A Royal Engagement and more…

Year 6 have had exciting workshops about; Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Prison Life, The Red Cross and Internet Safety.

Reception and Year 1 have been working hard on their Christmas Play.

Even better news, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now engaged! Kate says she is excited for the wedding which is taking place early next year. Prince Charles says he is thrilled about the engagement.

Changing the subject, Christmas is coming and we are so excited. We may get caught up in the festive spirit but we must not forget to bring a bottle in for the bottle stall! The thrilling Christmas Fayre is around the corner and we are holding our wallets in anticipation for the extremely cheap stuff. We are on the edge of our seats waiting for Year 4 and Year 5 to perform their amazing Christmas play.

Don’t forget to buy Christmas presents this month so you don’t get lost in the big rush. If you are stuck for ideas check out Adaeze’s blogs (coming soon) for 10 Christmas ideas.

That’s all folks!


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8 Responses to Fire Safety, The Christmas Play, A Royal Engagement and more…

  1. esther says:

    i will definitely try that at home

  2. edidiong says:

    Awesome Adaeze, I am definitely going to ask for the slime kit. I love slime!

    Great ideas!

  3. Aqib says:

    Fabulous work, great ideas, keep it up.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Wow, amazing Adaeze, keep up the good ideas.

  5. Leyton says:

    This is a great website keep the good work up 🙂

  6. Aamir says:

    Awesome work, great ideas.

  7. kallum says:

    Nice, thank you for the information about Christmas. It is only 17 days to Christmas. Have a good Christmas guys. Keep it up!

  8. michael says:


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