The Best Winter Must-Haves…

Prepare your winter gear for a freezing UK.

The temperature in Scotland will reach -10c whereas England may drop down to -5c. Quickly buy a fireplace and some wooly jumpers, also buy some hot cocoa!

I will show you the best winter gear must-haves:

1 – Fireplace


They may be pricey but it’ll keep you and your family warm.

2 – Snow Boots


They will stop your feet freezing off this winter!

3 – Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket

Want something fashionable and warm? Well you need a winter jacket!

4 – Gloves


Gloves are underrated, but you don’t want to forget them on a cold winters day.

5 – Winter Coat

Winter Coat

If you are more into practicality and less into fashion you need a winter coat.

That’s all folks!

Stay happy, stay warm and stay festive this winter!


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5 Responses to The Best Winter Must-Haves…

  1. Codi-lee says:

    Hello Dubem, Keep Up The Good work. #BEAST

  2. Elle says:

    I think this will be an outstanding idea because people can be very lazy. They just shove anything on but you still have to look fashionable.

  3. arron says:

    Thank you for posting these pics, they really made me feel warm.

  4. Filip says:

    These things are brilliant I am happy that I go to this school

  5. ameer says:

    The science show was superb!

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