Festive Activities for December…

Hi Guys,

Carrying on the festive theme, I have a great list of festive things you can do every day of December:

  • Make a snowman (If there is any snow!)
  • Make homemade Christmas decorations
  • Have a hot chocolate making competition
  • Go to the German Market in Leeds (It’s awesome!)
  • Complete a random act of kindness (Help someone)
  • Watch a movie with the whole family
  • Bake some festive cookies, cakes etc
  • Do a secret Santa with your friends
  • Go ice skating (I have never ice-skated!)
  • Try giving some money to charity (It is the season of giving)
  • Put your decorations up at home
  • Get your letter to Santa (If its too late he wont have time to get you your present!)

By Adaeze

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8 Responses to Festive Activities for December…

  1. Codi-lee says:

    Keep it up Adaeze, WELL DONE!

  2. arron says:

    Good work Adaeze, keep it up!

  3. marley says:

    Thank you for the present ideas and amazing blog.

  4. samuel says:

    Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ameer says:

    Well done!!!!!!!!

  6. logan says:

    These are really good blogs! Keep it up you two!

  7. Filip says:

    Great work you to keep this up and this will be the best Blog!!!!!

  8. Dubem says:

    Well done Adaeze!

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