Christmas Life Hacks….

Christmas is extremely stressful, from the cold weather to buying presents it’s a pretty¬†tiring time. Luckily I have some awesome life-hacks for you:

1 – Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you are a nutella or hot chocolate lover (I love Nutella!) then don’t waste that little bit that’s left over at the end. So when it is almost empty, add in warm milk, screw on the lid and shake! Then hey presto, Hot Chocolate!

2 – Shopping

It’s Christmas time so the 25th December isn’t far away! Quickly buy your presents before there are none left!

3 – Baking

Maybe you have an unhealthy relationship with baking, but it is the PERFECT last minute idea. You will find some awesome recipes on BBC Good Food

4 – Homemade Wrapping Paper

We all know how quickly Christmas related stuff sells out. We have a better idea…….get some plain A3 or A4 paper (depends on the present size), get creative with colouring pencils and make your own wrapping paper! Once finished, wrap the present and you’re done!

5 – Homemade Ornaments

We all love ornaments but homemade ones really warm the heart. On YouTube you can find hundreds of tutorials (see some here) showing you how to make your own Christmas ornaments.

That’s all folks!

Stay happy, stay positive, stay festive!


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29 Responses to Christmas Life Hacks….

  1. aliyah says:

    Very useful tips Dubem, keep it up!

  2. harriet says:

    Amazing blog, really helpful!

  3. Bolu says:

    Well done, brilliant post.

  4. Lucas says:

    Very good Dubem. I didn’t know these hacks. Keep up the hard work.

  5. Abeera says:

    Good work Dubem, keep it up.

  6. klaudyna says:

    Dubem, I knew you would make a good blogger!

  7. Ciaran says:

    well done, keep it up!

  8. mckenzie says:

    brilliant ideas/blog, keep it up!

  9. Grace says:

    Well done Dubem. I’m defo going to try it! Yum yum!

  10. Tristan says:

    Some very good ideas and some very creative tips #Beast

  11. Laiybah says:

    Dubem this would really help me when I am bored during December. It will keep me busy and positive. #good vibes

  12. ARRON says:

    Amazing, this is making me hungry!!!

  13. Amy says:

    Love the blogs, so excited for Christmas. I love Christmas! Its my favourite time of year.

  14. Veronika says:

    The blogs are cool.I am excited for Christmas

  15. Tyesha says:

    I think these decorations are outstanding to put on the tree or anywhere around the house.It will look amazing!

  16. calum says:

    Please can you include WWE action figures. I am putting them on my wish list.

  17. kenzie says:

    Thanks, lots of help. yum!

  18. Qonain says:

    Nice blog Dubem, keep it up!

  19. Dalia says:

    Nice blog Dubem, I’m definitely making these

  20. John says:

    Awesome Dubem, keep it up and you will go really far in life.

  21. rudolfs says:

    Very useful tips !!!

  22. Pia says:

    Great ideas Dubem and Adaeze! I will definitely try the hot chocolate. Sounds fab!

  23. vanesa says:

    I love hot chocolate, I can`t wait to try it!

  24. Vanesa says:

    I love hot chocolate I can`t wait to try it!

  25. Filip says:

    Well done Dubem and Adaeze you both try really hard at this keep this up!

  26. Adaeze says:

    I love the hot chocolate idea Dubem,your so creative.

  27. Samuel says:

    I love your ideas Dubem, keep it up!

  28. Arron says:

    Thank you Dubem, that made me hungry!

  29. Arrow hall says:

    Good stuff

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