Winter Lip Balm Recipe…

This winter it is stifling! We usually forget about our lips, yet I have the PERFECT winter lip balm recipe for you!

Lip Balm Picture

1 – Get some plain Vaseline or lotion (Tesco)

2 – Put it into a container

3 – Add blue food colouring or gel (you can find some at Tesco or Asda)

4 – Mix the food colouring with the Vaseline

5 – Add some peppermint scent

6 – Sprinkle some coconut shavings on top as snow

Then hey presto! A snowy, moisturising and kawaii (cute) lip balm! You can add extra ingredients to personalise it.

That’s all folks!

Stay happy, stay festive, stay positive this Christmas.

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1 Response to Winter Lip Balm Recipe…

  1. Edidiong says:

    Good Dubem. Still don’t think you should put lotion inside lip balm. It will leak and wont harden.

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