Don’t Catch a Cold…

Here are some tips on how to not get a cold and to have a healthy Christmas this year:

1 – Every time you shake someones hand, wash yours. That person might have germs and make you get a cold. Running lots of water will dilute all the germs away into the drain.

Washing Hands Picture

2 – Go to bed! If your not feeling too well, sleeping will help. 8 to 10 hours a night is enough.

Sleeping Picture

3 – Keep your hands from touching your nose and eyes. Those are the most common places for germs to enter your body.

Sneezing Picture

Hope you don’t have a cold at the best time of the year.

Bye guys!

Have a Merry Christmas


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2 Responses to Don’t Catch a Cold…

  1. Lucas says:

    Well done Edidiong

  2. mckenzie says:

    Good work Didi!

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