Winter DIY’s…

This Christmas here are some DIY ideas. You can make these for yourself or as a mini gift for your friends.

1 – Snow-Globe

Make a snow-globe in a jar. Use fake snow and a small fake tree as the Christmas tree.

Snow Globe Picture

2 – Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Find some pine cones outside your house, bring them inside and transform them into a mini Christmas tree. Spray fake snow on and also decorate them (optional).

Pine Cone Picture

3 – Christmas Chains

With your younger siblings, you can make Christmas chains. Cut strips of paper for your siblings while you stick them together and complete your chain. Afterwards you can hang it up on your wall in your living room or bedroom.

4 – Winter Lip Gloss

This will help to moisturise your lips and is a way to celebrate Christmas. Get some clear lip gloss and mix blue food colouring. The more food colouring you add, the more pigmented it gets.

Glitter Lips Picture

5 – Winter Nails

Decorate your nails with this DIY. First, paint your nails with a colour of your choice (I would pick turquoise). Next, for a cold and icy effect, coat on clear glitter nail polish. After, with a fine brush make the snowflake like a six pointed star. For more detail do spikes on each line on the snowflake. This is a great idea for a Christmas party.

Bye guys, have a Merry Christmas!


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2 Responses to Winter DIY’s…

  1. Lucas says:

    Keep up the excellent work these are really good and I will definitely tell my sister as she is working with nails. #BEAST

  2. Aqib says:

    Brilliant work, I love it! I’ll try something at home.

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