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Today I have just woken up I am in the school  holidays. I’m thinking of getting dressed and starting to bake with my mum. After I got dressed I ran down stairs to where my mum was. I asked her , “ can we start baking?” Then we started… first we placed egg and flour in to a bowl, then we  added yeast. Then we  kneaded the dough,  so  it didn’t stick to our hands.  After we covered it  for 45 minutes,  it started to rise. After it rose we pushed down and let it rise for 30 more minutes.

After a couple of hours it was ready. We started decorating the buns, it was like twenty buns. We let them dry and I added  some  sprinkles. Meanwhile, me and my friends  went out side to play games in the garden.  After a short while, Me and my friends came in and then we went round the street giving people the buns we didn’t want them to pay us( but they did). We spent half of the money on sweets and I bought a toy for my baby cousin. We gave the rest to my mother. She was so happy. After my friends went home  me, my brother and my mum had tea.


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