Rosies Day…

I woke up feeling dizzy and I remembered that it was Sunday and every Sunday we bake cakes and buns! I went into my mum and dads bedroom and woke them up, we came down and it was 12 o clock so I went to go and get something to eat. After I ate I went to put on my baking suit and I came down stairs and my mum said your gonna be making a cheese cake! Ok, that will be great! As I was board I decided to play on my phone and also my tablet (Which is half broken!) while my mum made some tea for usĀ  Mum’s dinner was lovely so now it was my turn to help make dessert! I quickly went into the kitchen and I started.

200 minutes later I went into the fridge and my dessert was done! I tasted the dessert and it was delicious and I cant wait for next week! Bye!


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