Hello I’m writing a story about life.

Life is not there to give you a hug, it’s there for you to explore. In the world there are many different life styles and you could be the most talented person in the world. Even if you got bulled at school or have no friends you can become the most talented person in the world. If you have a sport you really enjoy you need to go for it. Ronaldo and Messi  have become fantastic football players.

Go for your dreams! There are people in the world who will kill or do what they have to do to get what the want and if they have chosen that path they chose the wrong one. Even if they came from a broken family or not so much of a rich family they can still make a good life out of it, like Lord Sugar, he started out selling things from his back garden and from there made millions for himself. That’s what I think about the life, I don’t know about you, but right now the world isn’t in a safe place so take of yourself and do what you can do with your life cause you only get one chance so take it!


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