Ideas for Dressing Up on World Book Day…

1 – A Minion from Despicable Me

2 – A character from one of Roald Dahls books

3 – A Disney princess or prince

4 – A Star Wars character

5 – A footballer that is from a book

6 – A magical animal (Like a Unicorn)

7 – A costume with a partner (Like a prince and princess)

8 – David Walliams characters (Like Gangsta Granny)

9 – Dork Diary or Diary of a Wimpy Kid

10 – Cosmo and Wander from fairy odd parents

11 – A classical character

12 – A celebrity from a book

By Adaeze and Dubem

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8 Responses to Ideas for Dressing Up on World Book Day…

  1. Max Tumilty says:

    goodbye Adaze and Dubem have a good time in high school your blog is helpful for the future of my education life. max

  2. Raza Tauseeque says:

    All these ideas for world book day are excellent! I can’t decide which one if these outfits are perfect for me to wear!

    Love It!

  3. Raza Tauseeque 21 says:

    These ideas for World Book Day outfits are amazing! I can’t choose which outfit to wear!

    I Love It!

  4. Max Tumilty says:

    good work adaze and dubem good bye

  5. maria cawley says:

    amazing costume from maria class 21

  6. Lea_Saran says:

    Well Done :£ xD

  7. abu bedeau says:

    I really think that you did a really good piece of writing , I strongly believe you are good thinkers with a massively good imagination well done

  8. Chloe says:

    Thanks the ideas you came up with are fantabulous. Ill be sure to use them.

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