The Biography of my Pet Dog

Name: Hugo

Born: 2015

Place of Birch: Atlanta, GA, USA

Half Brothers Name: Mougli

Type of Dog: Shih tzu

Born in 2015, Hugo is the best pet in my world of pets.

He is a kind dog and he gets along with you once he licks your hand. He always gets a treat when he is good, but when he is bad he doesn’t get a treat. I don’t go to visit him frequently because I live in the UK and he lives in the US with my Uncle and Auntie.

Three years later he is still a good pet, even after my cousin was born in April 2017.

Hugo Methil (my uncles surname) will also be on your side no matter how hard or difficult it was to work for you.

By Sanjith

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  1. Raza Tauseeque says:

    He seems really cute!

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