Hi guys, my name is Michelle, a gymnast. I am going to write a blog about gymnastics so lets get started!

In gymnastics there are many ‘disciplines’: General Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics, Rythmic Gymnastics, Mens Artistic Gymnastics and Womens Artistic Gymnastics.

There are also lots of aparatus such as: Bars, Beam, Trampoline, P-Bars, Fast Track Floor and Asymmetric Bars. Before we do anything we must stretch so we don’t pull any muscles (by experience that can be very painful!). In my gym class and many others, you must try your best and put gusto effort into anything you do. Today I have gym, every Saturday I have gym and i’m always excited to learn new things. This week I learned and mastered how to do a Turkish Walkover.

At the end of doing this you get up from ‘bridge’. So, can you imagine how hard it is? Well, its OK but its not that challenging for flexible people.

So, as I was saying, before this random thing popped up in my head…..I can be your ultimate guide to gymnastics! If you keep reading my blog, you will start to understand the incredible sport that most people don’t know about. In the playground of this school, I see children doing amazing cartwheels and creative handstands. It all started when I was on St Bart’s Got Talent 2018. It was amazing! Everyone has their own unique talents. It was heated but I didn’t win. Ever since that day children have tried to practice gymnastics and they are drastically getting better at the sport.

That’s it for my blog today. I hope you read the next blog, you are sure to enjoy it!

By Michelle.

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