Caring for a baby

Having a baby is special. Here are some top tips about looking after a baby:

1 – Always hold a babies head when you pick it up

2 – When you feed a baby, hold the bottle up.

3 – Push your baby gently when in the pram

4 – When you change their nappy, wipe them gently

5 – Enjoy been in the company of the baby.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about babies!

By Gabriella

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Making stop-motion animation

Making stop-motion animation is easy, but it requires a very long time and so much effort.

Step 1 – Get a toy or puppet and a huge scene for the animation

Step 2 – Put the camera in a position where it will not tilt in any direction or fall down

Step 3 – Take a picture, move the toy/puppet and take another picture. Do that same thing again and again continuously

Step 4 – If you want to make a scene with no motion at all, take many pictures of that specific scene


Step 5 – Check whether the animation is just perfect, if it isn’t then redo the animation.

If it is perfect then you’re great and good to go!

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Heckmondwike Grammar School

Well done to those who pass the Heckmondwike test. Keep up the good work!

For those that didn’t pass, keep on trying, there are many exams to come.

Don’t give up!

By Divine

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How to get on a teachers good side!

1 – Always sit smartly

2 – Listen to the teacher

3 – Try your best

4 – Be calm

5 – After play time don’t be too excited


6 – Concentrate on your work

By Divine

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The World Cup

I’m here to say that England are going to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, I hope!

England are in a group with Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta. They could win on overall goal difference and points. Just for the people that don’t know, for a win you get 3 points, a draw you get 1 point and for a loss you get 0 points.

World Cup

The England Under 21 team have done much better, they won the 2018 World Cup with a 4-2 victory over Spain. They were 2-0 down at one point!

The ladies England team have also done well. I think they got to the quarter finals!

Everyone knows Mohammed Salah. He is the best player in the Premier League and is Egyptian. He didn’t do too well in the last world cup as his team went out in the first round.

Here is a quick fact, his team Egypt were in group A.

By Max

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Top 10 Costumes for Halloween

1 – Witch

Now you can get the costume with utterly freaky features!

You could get a simple witch’s nose with a secret button instead of her huge spot! The button can do various things like light up the nose or give a mischievous cackle!

2 – Zombie

You can also be a zombie cheerleader or a zombie bride – you can combine anything you like!


3 – Broken / Creepy Doll

You can get a ripped dress and draw scars on your face etc. Just use your imagination to make yourself creepy!

4 – Vampire

Who doesn’t have a vampire?

5 – Wolf

You can make yourself look innocent in a simple way! You can always be guilty if you like, and be the new Wolverine!

6 – Black Cat

It is said that black cats bring bad luck to other people – who knows?

This might be true, why not test it out?

7 – Skeleton

If you think a skeleton for Halloween is boring – think again! You can get rainbow versions or a simple glow in the dark one.


8 – Alien

Are you going to be evil or pure?

9 -Bunny

You don’t always have to be REALLY scary for Halloween, but if you insist get out your blood tube….

10 – Devil

The most satanic of them all – the devil himself/herself!

With these costumes you will be the Kings and Queens of the evening! May you have the most spooktastic Halloween ever!

By Alicja

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Year 6 Girls Tag Rugby

On the 21st September 2018 all of the year 6 girls went outside with two of the Leeds Rhino’s Women’s team, Lois and Shannon. It was a cold, wet morning but that didn’t stop the girls from having fun!

The girls played a game of rugby tag, passing and running skills and a team game near the end. There were a lot of stumbles and trips and some people got very muddy but carried on playing the game. I have to say girls it was a  very wet day but thanks to Lois and Shannon, everyone had great fun. I think the year 6 girls have a bright future in tag rugby don’t you?

By Chi Chi

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Hi there fellow people, I’m back with another poem. This one is called success.

Success is counted sweetest,

By those who here succeed.

To comprehend a nectar,

Requires sorest needs.


Not one of all purple hosts,

Who took the flag today,

Can tell the definition so clear of victory.


As he defeated – dying,

On whose forbidden ear.

The distance strains triumph,

Barst agonised and clear!

By Faith

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New School Year

Since the new school year has started, all of the sports tournaments are back including:

Cross Country


Rugby (Tag)




Bench ball









And of course football, this is what I am going to be talking about. We’ve got an upcoming football tournament and Lisa has chosen some people from years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

By Max

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Dreams Poem

Hello fellow people, I have a poem for you. It is about being true to who you are. It is called ‘Dreams’ and I wrote this 5 years ago with my old teacher, so here it is.


How I live is who I am,

I try to show them.

I’m not who they make me up to be,

do they believe me or do they not?

I can’t say what I’m feeling now,

only I know the pain I feel inside.

I no longer want to hide,

I want to be free of the grasp.

I want to be who God made me to be,

I’m tired of trying to get you to see.

How much I love you, you don’t know,

Someday I will only be a soul or a thought.

Not real or existing, but just a girl with a dream that did everything but succeed.

By Faith

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