Things to do during Easter…

1 – Have an Easter Egg hunt

Everyone likes those colourful eggs!

2 – Read the Bible

The Easter story is told in the Bible.

3 – Have a picnic

Because its getting warmer why not eat outside?

4 – Bake some Easter themed treats

Everybody enjoys a nice bun or cupcake so bake away!

5 – Play outside

The most basic but effective thing to do.

By Adaeze

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Book Week…

From Monday 26th February to Friday 2nd March, St Bart’s will be having a book week.

At school, year groups will be talking about certain books and authors and years 4, 5 and 6 will meet a famous author!

There will be a t-shirt competition too. Each child will have to design a t-shirt based on their favourite book or author. The best two designs from each class will be made on a real t-shirt and they will wear it in the house assembly on Friday 2nd March. That day is a non uniform day and a chance to dress up as your favourite book character.

Bye Guys!

By Edidiong

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St Bart’s Sports Teams…

In school, our PE teacher Lisa is teaching us all about contact and tag rugby.

St Bart’s got into the finals along with 5 other schools. I scored a breath taking try against Armley Primary. Samuel scored 2 hat tricks, Andrew scored 2 and the girls got stuck in against Holy Family Primary. All you need to know about our sports teams is that we beat Holy family in football ,hockey, basket ,netball and bench ball .

That’s all from me!


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Rosies Day…

I woke up feeling dizzy and I remembered that it was Sunday and every Sunday we bake cakes and buns! I went into my mum and dads bedroom and woke them up, we came down and it was 12 o clock so I went to go and get something to eat. After I ate I went to put on my baking suit and I came down stairs and my mum said your gonna be making a cheese cake! Ok, that will be great! As I was board I decided to play on my phone and also my tablet (Which is half broken!) while my mum made some tea for us  Mum’s dinner was lovely so now it was my turn to help make dessert! I quickly went into the kitchen and I started.

200 minutes later I went into the fridge and my dessert was done! I tasted the dessert and it was delicious and I cant wait for next week! Bye!


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The Dobre Brothers…

Hi people and fellow bloggers!

Today I am going to share with the whole world about my vacation. I met the Dobre Brothers and it was so cool meeting them because I love them. They are really cool and they make a lot of videos and music and their really cool and their my bros. They are the best because they nearly hit 1,000 subs and that is the thing that makes me really happy! To the Dobre Brothers,  if you guys are reading this then I am so proud of you and I am your number one BIGGEST  FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Thomasz

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Hello I’m writing a story about life.

Life is not there to give you a hug, it’s there for you to explore. In the world there are many different life styles and you could be the most talented person in the world. Even if you got bulled at school or have no friends you can become the most talented person in the world. If you have a sport you really enjoy you need to go for it. Ronaldo and Messi  have become fantastic football players.

Go for your dreams! There are people in the world who will kill or do what they have to do to get what the want and if they have chosen that path they chose the wrong one. Even if they came from a broken family or not so much of a rich family they can still make a good life out of it, like Lord Sugar, he started out selling things from his back garden and from there made millions for himself. That’s what I think about the life, I don’t know about you, but right now the world isn’t in a safe place so take of yourself and do what you can do with your life cause you only get one chance so take it!


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Sarahs Cooking Blog…

Today I have just woken up I am in the school  holidays. I’m thinking of getting dressed and starting to bake with my mum. After I got dressed I ran down stairs to where my mum was. I asked her , “ can we start baking?” Then we started… first we placed egg and flour in to a bowl, then we  added yeast. Then we  kneaded the dough,  so  it didn’t stick to our hands.  After we covered it  for 45 minutes,  it started to rise. After it rose we pushed down and let it rise for 30 more minutes.

After a couple of hours it was ready. We started decorating the buns, it was like twenty buns. We let them dry and I added  some  sprinkles. Meanwhile, me and my friends  went out side to play games in the garden.  After a short while, Me and my friends came in and then we went round the street giving people the buns we didn’t want them to pay us( but they did). We spent half of the money on sweets and I bought a toy for my baby cousin. We gave the rest to my mother. She was so happy. After my friends went home  me, my brother and my mum had tea.


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Earn money in 2018…

Do you want to earn money yourself to buy your own things instead of asking your parents?

Pound Coins

Here’s what you can do:

1 – Own a Business

Having a business means that people will pay you to buy things that you sell. All this means you will receive money!

2 – Start a YouTube Channel

If you get lots of views and subscribers you get money so start recording some videos!

3 – Get a Job

If you are old enough, get a job (even though it is hard work!)

4 – Do Chores

Most people help around their house to earn money

5 – Offer for help around the Neighbourhood

Ask your neighbour if they need some jobs doing in return for some money

There are many other ways to earn money.

Bye Guys! 🙂

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Caring for our Guinea Pigs…

Check out our weekly rota to make sure our school Guinea Pigs are cleaned and fed regularly:

W/B – 29th Jan – Year 6

W/B – 5th Feb – Year 2

W/B – 19th Feb – Year 3

W/B – 26th Feb – Year 4

W/B – 5th March – Year 5

W/B – 12th March – Year 6

W/B – 19th March – Year 2

W/B – 26th March – Year 3

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Birthday DIY Gift…

Hi guys,

Here is one of my favourite ideas for a DIY birthday present:

Sweet Jar and Money

Sweet Jar

Here is a great way to give sweets and some money as a gift.

You will need:

  • Toilet Roll Tube
  • Sweets
  • Money
  • Sweet Jar

Place the toilet roll tube directly in the middle of the sweet jar. Then place the money inside the roll. Lastly fill the outside of the roll with sweets!

That’s all for today guys, see you soon!



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